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The Resourceful Designer Community is limited to 50 members. Get your spot before it fills up.

Are you looking for a community of design peers to connect and interact with, without all the B.S. and drama typically found in Facebook groups? The Resourceful Designer Community is the place for you. We're a close group of graphic and web designers dedicated to growing our design businesses. As a Community member, you have access to resources, videos and like-minded people eager to help you succeed.

Facebook Groups may be free to join, but they are overcrowded, and most members are not your peers and often share contradictory, confusing and unhelpful advice.

As a paid membership, the Resourceful Designer Community is home to enthusiastic designers interested in their business's success. This devotion and commitment mean better conversations, better advice and better friendships.

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Membership Benefits

Community Members $14.95/month

Community members can participate in weekly video chats to ask questions and receive help from fellow community members.

As a Community Member, you have access to the Resourceful Designer Slack Group where all members interact. The Slack group is the perfect place to share your work, seek advice, help fellow designers and get to know your fellow community members. It's where friendships are born.

Mastermind Members $49.95/month

On top of receiving all the Community Members benefits, Mastermind Members are part of a private Mastermind Group, where the real magic happens. Once per month, the mastermind group meets via video chat to share and discuss our design businesses in-depth. It's 100% confidential, allowing you to share details you wouldn't want to discuss on other less private platforms.

Every Mastermind Meeting has a different member in the “hot seat,” making them the central focus for that month. The other Mastermind members are there to help them by offering tips, advice and support for whatever the “hot seat” member needs. The conversations then continue throughout the month in a private Mastermind Slack Channel.

Recordings of the Mastermind meetings are available for rewatching on a private Mastermind Members page of the Resourceful Designer website.

Think of the Mastermind as your private accountability group making sure you stay on track as you grow your design business.