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Every once in a while a product comes along that changes the way we work. The Logo Package is one such product. I'm amazed that it has taken this long for someone to think of this idea and I'm kicking myself for not being the person to think of it first.

In short, The Logo Package is an Adobe Illustrator extension that allows you to create, export and sort hundreds of logo files in under 5 minutes. What would normally take an hour or more to do is now accomplished in minutes. Think of all that time you can put to better use.

Do you want to see it in action? Here's a demo video I recorded using The Logo Package Express.

Logo Package Express makes better logo packages.

Make robust logo packages 10x faster

Logo Package Express can pump out 100+ logo files in under 5
minutes. We suggest you spend all that extra time bagging new clients
and designing more logos.

Create every possible file for your clients, guaranteed

Your logo packages will include every file format, colour gamut, and logo
configuration your client could ever ask you for. Logo Package Express
takes care of it all.

Send your clients error-free packages every time

Logo Package Express can churn out dozens of pre-named logo files
and organize them into folders in its sleep. You won’t ever have to
manually create folders or name your logos one-by-one again.

Reduce ad-hoc client requests

Logo Package Express names your logo files with a proven and
effective naming convention. Then it sorts them into a super intuitive
folder structure that even stone-age clients can follow. No more
requests for missing files.

More valuable logo packages

More files = more money. Use Logo Package Express and you can
charge for a premium package without wasting hours of your time on it.
More money for less time. Winning!