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Be So Good… That Nothing Else Matters!

Running a graphic design business isn’t an easy task. There’s a lot more than just being a good graphic designer involved. You need to build relationships with your clients, find the best suppliers for your business, seek out help for the tasks you can’t handle. Not to mention the day to day tasks that go into running any business. Invoicing, bookkeeping, banking, paying bills etc.

So how is a single graphic designer, running his or her own business expected to compete with every other graphic design company out there? Simple, be so good that nothing else matters.

This week’s podcast is a little different than my past episodes. It’s more on the motivational side than the norman educational pieces I’ve put out. Leave me a comment letting me know what you think of this one.

Be So Good…

With everything required of you and your business, it’s hard to be the best person out there for clients to choose from. But maybe being the best is aiming too high. I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to be the best. What I’m saying is whoever the “best” is can be subjective. How do you even determine who the best is? You can’t really, and neither can your clients. So instead you should strive to be so good that it doesn’t matter who is best.

In the eyes of your clients

Be so good… that they know you care about them and their business.
Be so good… that they think of you as a friend and confidant.
Be so good… that they trust your opinion and follow your lead.
Be so good… that they measure other designers by you.
Be so good… that they treasure your work, your experience and your expertise.
Be so good… that they feel fortunate to have met you.
Be so good… that they don’t question your prices.
Be so good… that they’re willing to pay more, pay extra and in advance for your services.
Be so good… that they’re willing to wait for you when your busy.
Be so good… that they seek your opinion in non graphic design matters.
Be so good… that you are the first person they think of when needing business advice.
Be so good… that they bring up your name in conversations with their collegues.
Be so good… that they refer you, even when nobody asked them for a referral.
Be so good… that they know you’re there for them when they need you.
Be so good… that they can’t imagine running their business without you.

In the eyes of your Competitors

Be so good… that they try to copy or even steal what you do.
Be so good… that they come to you seeking advice.
Be so good… that they refer their clients to you when they can can’t service them.
Be so good… that they want to partner with you.

In the eyes of your Critics

Be so good… they criticize your work because they can’t compete with it.
Be so good… that your critics just strengthen your resolve and your drive to do even better.
Be so good… that their criticism doesn’t bother you.
Be so good… that others come to your defence and stand up for you.

In conclusion

Be so good… that your customers revere you for making their lives so great, your competitors become your collaborators and your critics, well, who cares about the critics. You’re so good that you don’t need to worry about them.

What do you think?

I would love to know what you thought of this episode? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

Questions of the Week

If you would like me to answer your question in a future episode please visit my feedback page.

This week’s question comes from Norman,

How do you handle working with clients from out of town or city? How often would you go to meet these clients in person, before or after the project has started?

To find out what I told Norman you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Resource of the week is CushyCMS

CushyCMS is a truly simple content management system that allows your clients to safely edit their own website, and allows you to pick and choose what parts of the website that have access to. CushyCMS is extremely easy to use. There’s no software to install and only takes a few minutes to setup. Simply add a special class tag to the sections of the website you want your clients to be able to edit and give them access. It’s that easy. Your client makes their desired changes and CushyCMS updates the website. And it’s all standards compliant and search engine friendly.

CushyCMS is free to use for up to 5 websites. You could also pay a monthly fee for additional sites and options, and for the ability to use your own branding on the site.

If you build websites and want to allow your clients to edit only certain areas of the site, CushyCMS is for you.

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