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Dealing With Photographers – Interview with Brett Gilmour

In this episode of Resourceful Designer, I'm joined by award-winning photographer Brett Gilmour as we discuss things to help designers when dealing with photographers.

Brett specializes in location photography of architecture, people and places. His images have been featured in advertising campaigns and magazines around the world and he’s been honoured with three Gold Nugget Awards for Architectural Photography, the highest honour in North America. He’s shot photos for General Electric, Shell, Estee Lauder and Chevron just to name a few.

In the interview, we discuss questions to ask when hiring a photographer, specifically what are the responsibilities of the designer and what are the responsibilities of the photographer. How to deal with contracts. What equipment the photographer needs. What the designer should expect before, during, and after the photo shoot.

If you enjoy the interview and want to learn more about Brett, please visit his site Gilmour Photography

Photographer Cheat Sheet

I put together a simple one-page cheat sheet of questions you should ask when hiring a photographer based on what Brett talked about in the interview. You can download it at https://resourcefuldesigner.com/photographercheatsheet

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