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Divi 3.0Have you seen the new Divi 3.0 by Elegant Themes? It's a game changer. In fact, it's so good that it may cost us our jobs as web designers. That's right, we may as well use our design talents to refresh our resumes, because if our clients find out how easy it is with Divi 3.0 for us to create and edit their websites, they may not want to pay us the big bucks we charge.

Ok, I jest. I don't really think we'll lose our jobs because of Divi 3.0. But Elegant Themes has made it much easier for code challenged designers to excel in the web design game.

I've spent many years honing my skills in web design. Starting in the 90s with simple WYSIWYG applications like Adobe Pagemill. Then learning HTML and CSS to hand code sites. Then on to more complicated languages like PHP and MySQL. Nowadays I build most websites on the WordPress platform. It's robust enough to handle very complicated web projects, and yet it's simple enough to shave hours off the time it used to take me to build a website.

On September 7th 2016, Elegant Themes released their much-anticipated update to the already amazing Divi theme, and it's taken web design to a whole new level. A level I hadn't even imagined before. No more back-end coding, no more playing in a web builder wondering what the outcome will be, no more hitting the Preview button to check what you built. Divi 3.0's new Visual Builder allows you to create and make changes to your website… on your actual website! Meaning you actually get to manipulate the website as you see it! Want to change some text, simply highlight it and type in the new text. Highlight and adjust the font and style as well. Don't like where an element of the site is? Simply drag it to a new location. There's no need to preview or refresh the page because all your changes happen in real time right on your page.

See the Visual Builder in action.


Jumping Into The New Interface.

If you are already familiar with the Divi theme you'll have no problems making the move to Divi 3.0. All the familiar modules and options are still there, they're just much easier to access and manipulate. Easier in fact, since you don't need to guess at CSS edits. Simply click and drag to adjust padding, margins and so much more.

If you've never used Divi before, Elegant Themes offers a wide variety of tutorial videos to walk you through everything from A to Z. But trust me, it won't be long before you're shutting off the tutorials and just diving in to experiment on your own.

Simply put, Divi 3.0 is so easy that anybody can use it.

Are We Out Of A Job?

So what does this mean to us as web designers? It means that I hope our clients never find out about Divi 3.0 or we might be out of a job.

Again, I don't really believe that. There's much more to designing a good website than being able to move and edit content on the page. Clients hire web designers because they believe creating a website is hard. We are the wizards of the web after all. Now Elegant Themes has changed that with this new release. Imagine if our clients found this amazing new theme and decided to try managing their website themselves? It could render us obsolete.

So what I'm saying is embrace the new Divi 3.0 theme and create wonderful sites with it. Just don't tell your clients how easy Elegant Themes has made it for us web designers. If you do, we may all be out of a job.

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Full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Elegant Themes and will earn a commission if you purchase Divi through any links on this website.