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2024 Design Trends by Freepik.com

As a designer, staying abreast of current design trends is essential for keeping your work fresh and relevant. Recently, I had the opportunity to dive into FreePik's 2024 design trends report, and I'm here to share my thoughts on the predicted design directions for the upcoming year. From florals and botanicals to groovy cartoons, the report covers a wide range of styles and concepts. Let's break it down. Listen to the podcast episode to hear my in-depth breakdown of each predicted design trend.

Introduction to Freefik.com and the Design Trends Report

FreePik.com, known for its vast collection of high-quality design resources, reached out to me to discuss its latest design trend report. Full disclosure: I'm not receiving compensation for this review, but I found the topic intriguing enough to explore further. Click here to check out Freepik's 2024 Design Trends report for yourself.

The Validity of Trend Reports

Before delving into the specifics of the trends, it's worth questioning the validity of such reports. Unlike Logo Lounge's trend report, which is backed by data from logo submissions, FreePik's predictions for 2024 lack transparent methodology. While some trends seem plausible, it's challenging to gauge their accuracy without concrete data.

Trend Highlights and Personal Reflections

  1. Florals and Botanicals: Nature-inspired designs with soft tones and pastel colours are anticipated. While not my preferred style, I acknowledge its potential appeal.
  2. Hollow Abstract 3D Shapes: Futuristic designs with luminescent holographic touches. While visually intriguing, incorporating them effectively might pose a challenge.
  3. Liquid 3D Fonts: Text made to resemble things like water, chocolate, or lava. Reminiscent of past trends, but may find new life with advanced design tools.
  4. Vibrant, Bright Colours: Emotion-evoking hues that convey positivity. While not a groundbreaking trend, vibrant colours remain timeless in design.
  5. Grainy Gradients: Adding grain to gradients for added character. A personal favourite of mine, offering depth and texture to designs.
  6. Collages: Merging multiple images to create visually dynamic compositions. While appealing, mastering this style requires a keen eye for balance and cohesion.
  7. 3D Effects: Utilizing three-dimensional elements for illustrations and typography. With AI integration, expect an increase in the prevalence of 3D design.
  8. 3D Glow: Adding vibrant colours and shine to 3D elements. A trend that has persisted over time, evolving with technological advancements.
  9. Art Nouveau: A timeless style marked by elegant, flowing motifs. While not my go-to, its enduring appeal ensures its continued presence in design.
  10. Old Engraving: Vintage-inspired designs with engraved or woodcut elements. A nostalgic trend with enduring charm.
  11. Groovy Cartoon: Retro-inspired cartoons reminiscent of drive-in theatre animations. While not my forte, these playful designs have niche appeal.
  12. Chrome Effect: Shiny, metallic designs with a modern twist. It is a trend that has come and gone but retains its allure in certain contexts.
  13. Glass Morphism: Translucent, frosted glass-like elements adding depth to designs. It is a versatile technique, especially effective in web design.
  14. Neo Brutalism: Bold designs with solid colours and strong shapes. While divisive, it offers a modern take on minimalist aesthetics.
  15. Peach Fuzz (Pantone's Color of the Year): A muted peach-orange hue predicted to gain traction. While uncertain about its widespread adoption, it may find niche applications.

Embracing Diversity in Design Trends

Freepik.com's 2024 trend report offers a diverse array of design directions to explore. While some trends may resonate more than others, each presents an opportunity for creative expression and experimentation. As designers, staying open-minded and embracing familiar styles and emerging trends is essential. Whether you're drawn to florals and botanicals or groovy cartoons, the key is to find what resonates with your aesthetic sensibilities and adapt it to your design practice.

So, what are your thoughts on these trends? Do any resonate with your design philosophy, or do you foresee other trends gaining prominence in 2024? Share your insights and experiences—I'd love to hear from you!

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