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Have you ever considered YouTube as a way to market your design business?

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you that if you’re not doing video, your missing out on a massive part of the market. In the past couple of years, revenue generated through video marketing has outpaced all other forms of promotion. And of course, YouTube is the number one place to be if you’re using video. But how do you use YouTube to promote a graphic or web design business?

I’m no expert when it comes to YouTube. I would consider myself an absolute novice. But as you know, when you want to learn something, your best option is to learn from someone who’s doing it successfully. 

In today’s episode of the Resourceful Designer podcast, I’m talking to designer Col Gray, owner of Pixels Ink, a logo and brand design studio in Dundee Scotland. We discuss how he’s making significant strides with his YouTube channel, Pixels Inc, as a means to market his business. 

In this episode you’ll hear us discuss:

  • How Col got started on YouTube.
  • The strategy he decided to embrace.
  • Why he chose business people instead of other designers as his target audience.
  • How he finds topics for his videos.
  • How YouTube is a long term marketing strategy.
  • His experience in getting his first client through YouTube.
  • What makes a video engaging.
  • What equipment you need if you’re just starting.
  • The equipment Col uses to optimize his show.
  • His video process

Equipment and software mentioned in the episode:

What’s your experience with video and YouTube?

Do you have a YouTube channel for your design business? Please share it in the comments for this episode.

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