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Have you ever considered selling digital products?

Selling digital products is a great way to put your design skills to the test. Not only will you challenge yourself to come up with great ideas, but if you’re successful, you can make excellent money doing it.

I’ve never tried selling digital products myself so on this episode of Resourceful Designer; I’m happy to be joined by Tom Ross, the founder of Design Cuts, one of if not the best place for acquiring and selling digital products online. Listen in as Tom, and I discuss everything there is to know about selling digital products so you can hit the ground running and do it right.

In this episode you’ll hear us discuss:

  • How to determine what product you want to create
  • Choosing quality over quantity
  • Ways to promote your digital product
  • Creating sample and preview images for your digital product
  • The difference between designing for clients and designing for a marketplace
  • Income possibilities
  • And more

Whether you are contemplating selling digital products or you are an old pro at it, you’re sure to gain some valuable knowledge from this episode. Be sure to share it with all your design friends.

What’s your experience with selling digital products?

Let me know by leaving a comment for this episode.

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Resource of the week The Honest Entrepreneur Show

The Honest Entrepreneur Show is a new podcast and YouTube channel by Tom Ross, founder of Design Cuts. Each episode is 10-20 minutes long and contains zero fluff and zero B.S. Just real, candid insight into modern entrepreneurship. Tom covers topics such as dealing with mental health, to burnout, to behind authentic.

You can watch The Honest Entrepreneur Show on YouTube, or listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts on Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Be sure to follow Tom on Instagram at instagram.com/tomrossmedia

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