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Hey, fellow designers! We've all been there – juggling multiple versions of logos, all those colours, struggling with file formats, and spending too much time on tedious tasks. But fear not because today, I'm talking with Michael Bruny-Groth, the man behind three game-changing Adobe Illustrator Extensions that will transform your logo design workflow for good. Get ready to meet Logo Package Swatch, Logo Package Express, and Logo Package Portal!

Logo Package Swatch – A Brilliant New Twist on Colour Management

You know the feeling when you've designed a great-looking logo but now find yourself with the tedious task of copying all the various colour information for the client? Well, Logo Package Swatch is here to save the day. In a lively conversation with Michael, the brilliant mind behind these tools, I dive into the magic of Logo Package Swatch.

Imagine having a place where you can not only store logo colour information but also effortlessly access it for easy submission to your clients. Michael explains how Logo Package Swatch makes this dream a reality, ensuring you never dig through old documents again to find RGB, CMYK or HEX numbers.

Copy individual colour formulas, all the formulas for a single colour, or the formulas for the entire colour palette. And, with one click of a button, you can create a colour-style guide to provide along with your logos. Plus, Logo Package Swatch includes Pantone colours. Michael explains how this is possible even if you don't pay for Pantone Connect.

Logo Package Swatch applies names to your colours for easy reference. But since everything is editable, including the colour formulas, you can make any changes you wish.

Michael even shares tips for those without Swatch, showing how to save colour information in other ways. But let's face it, having an always-open interface like Logo Package Swatch is the game-changer we've all been waiting for!

Check out my review and demo video of Logo Package Swatch at https://resourcefuldesigner.com/logopackageswatch

Here are two blog articles Michael mentioned during our conversation.

Logo Package Express – Your Logo Export Fairy Godmother

Now, let's rewind a bit and talk about Logo Package Express. It's like having a fairy godmother for logo exporting. Have you ever faced the dilemma of which file formats to send to clients? Or spent ages manually organizing folders? Logo Package Express takes care of all that and more.

It automates the export process, generating various file formats that are neatly organized and ready for delivery in minutes. Need different colour modes? No problem, Logo Package Express has got you covered! It's a time-saver, a stress-buster, and a game-changer all rolled into one.

Check out my review and demo video of Logo Package Express at https://resourcefuldesigner.com/thelogopackagedemo

Logo Package Portal – Your Client's New Best Friend

Now, let's shift gears and introduce Logo Package Portal. This nifty tool makes client handoff a breeze. Picture this: your client has multiple divisions, each needing different logo versions. Sending a bunch of files and hoping they figure it out? Nope, not anymore!

Logo Package Portal provides an intuitive interface where clients can easily select the logo version they need based on colour and use case. It's like a personalized logo buffet! No more confusion, no more back-and-forth emails. It's a win-win for both designers and clients.

Note that Logo Package Portal is not a stand-alone product. It requires Logo Package Express to work.

Pricing and Business Model – Affordable Awesomeness

Alright, let's talk business. Michael spills the beans on the pricing strategy, and it's refreshingly straightforward. Logo Package Swatch and Logo Package Express won't break the bank. Plus, they come with a one-time fee – no sneaky subscriptions here!

Logo Package Portal gives you two options. You can buy packages of 5 projects at a time, where each project is a logo bundle. Or, for a small monthly or annual subscription fee, you can host unlimited logo projects.

Michael's approach is all about making these tools accessible to designers without compromising quality. It's a win for the design community!

Are you convinced?

So there you have it! Logo Package Swatch, Logo Package Express, and Logo Package Portal are the dynamic trio you didn't know you needed. They'll revolutionize your logo design process, making it efficient, organized, and, dare I say, fun?

Say goodbye to logo export nightmares and client confusion. Embrace these tools and watch your workflow soar. Head to the Logo Package website and use the coupon RESOUCEFULDESIGNER at checkout to save 20% off these game-changers and say hello to a smoother, more enjoyable design journey!

Stay Creative!

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