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Resourceful Designer podcast: Offering tips, tricks and advice for starting and growing your graphic or web design business.

You're probably wondering what Resourceful Designer is all about. Before I get into that I want to say thank you, you're amazing for just stopping by and I appreciate you checking out the site. Now on to the details.

My goal in starting Resourceful Designer is to help web and graphic designers with the business side of things. Running a design business isn't as easy as one might think. Between marketing, billing, bookkeeping, and such, it's a wonder we have time to design anything. On this site, I'll share resources and strategies to help you reduce non-billable hours and allow you more time to design.

Who is this site for?

Resourceful Designer is for those in the web or graphic designed industry. That's not to say others can't use what's found here but the main purpose of this site is to help designers. I am a solopreneur but most of what you find on this site will be useful to freelancers, studio owners, employees, students and more. Anyone who wishes to make better use of their non design time.

What should you expect from this site?

Resourcefull Designer will look at behind the scenes of a design studio. The software, hardware, tools, skills and knowledge needed to run your business. The blog and podcast will showcase interesting people, companies, products and ideas to help you succeed.

What not to expect from this site?

Resourcefull Designer is not a design tutorial site. With so many great sites devoted to design tutorials I don't need to tackle them here. Nor is this site a tool to sell my services. I may recommend things from time to time, and yes, some may be affiliates, but I won't ask you to try anyting without first trying it myself. I'm here to help you, not hinder you.

Let's stay connected

If I've made you curious enough to want to know more, please subscribe to my email list and follow me on Twitter. I promise I will never give out your information, nor bombard you with messages. My list will be used to inform you of new content and opportunities to improve your design business.